Preview Catalog number Component name
G34/III Stand for electric pre-heating system with removable cable
G35/II Control Stand for Electrical Pre-heating System (EPZ)
G51/I Tube HFPRM black
G52/I Connection piece HFSM black
G53/I Attachment piece HFCL black
G54/I Bracket HSKH II/20 black
G55/I Tube HFXS black
G56/I Grooved inlet HFAFT/MBS black
G57 Cable holder EK 4/2b
G58/I Silicone vulcanizing tape
G58/II Insulating tape
G58/III Insulating textile tape - City transport
G59/I Rubber pressure tube
G70/III Switchboard for heating of platforms for two platforms
G70/IV Switchboard for heating of platforms for one platform