Preview Catalog number Component name
N69/II Pulley - without cross eye
N70/I Pulley compensating
N71/II Tensioning pulley with one side clevis
N72/II Tensioning pulley with double side clevis
N73/I Tensioning wheel 1:3 - EŽ product
N74/I Tensioning wheel 1:4 - EŽ product
N77/I Tensioning wheel 1:3 with ratchet
N77/II Tensioning wheel 1:3 with ratchet
N77/III Tensioning wheel
N77/IV Tensioning wheel with wire lock 1:3 RIBE
N79/II Spring anchoring TENSOREX C+
N81/I Spherical washer 18°
N83/I Spherical washer up to 45°
N85/I Square washer 50 x 50 mm
N85/II Square washer 100 x 100 mm